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In-house Products

We have 4 in-house products called SimpliFIDS, SimpliSignage,  SimpliClock and SimpliCAS (Crash Alarm System).

SimpliFIDS is for displaying Flight Information at Airports, SimpliSignage is for general display at public area such as Mall, Conference halls and Offices,  SimpiClock is for displaying digital clock at Airports and Public Area, SimpliCAS is for providing crash alarm at CAAM and AFRS via wireless link. 

All the applications are 100% web-based and can be deployed either on premise or cloud.

Partner Products

Smart Digital Signage from Net Display System (NDS)

PADS4 Smart Digital Signage Software is not just another digital signage product. It’s a bundle of applications to drive your mission critical installations with thousands of screens. PADS4 enables you to design, schedule and distribute any type of content and have it displayed where and whenever you want. The unequalled database connectivity features make it possible even for inexperienced users to include real-time data from any data source in your content with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Product Highlights

• Design of presentations with ANY possible content
• Advanced scheduling of content
• Automatic distribution to displays
• Smooth playback of content
• Monitoring and remote management
• Easy integration of real-time data
• Unlimited connectivity features to external systems
• Software Development Kit for custom solutions
• Open system, based on standard technologies.


CCTV from Panasonic, Hik Vision, Dahua

Reliable solution from established manufacturers.

Access Control from EntryPass, Falco, Hik Vision

Reliable solution from established manufacturers.


Graphical Display Unit (GDU)

We used various type of Graphical Display Unit or Controller for our projects. We OEM various brands and platform to suit the project requirements  (Windows/Linux). 5 years ago we fabricate our own GDU. The new GDU is very small in size, consume only 3watt, no windows license required and can be shutdown anytime everyday (ups not required).

Videowall Controller

We used various type of videowall controller for our projects in term of requirements and cost.